Wedding Wishes Quotes & Wedding Congratulations Message

The most important day in a person’s life is when they get married. Weddings are a grand occasion and need to be celebrated properly like you do Sweet 16th Birthday. And you know what’s the cherry on top of all the celebrations; it’s the wedding congratulations messages. But not just messages, but wishes, quotes, images, or poems, you can always find something to wish a person a happy married life. So if you are looking for creative adorable ways to say congratulations on your wedding, then this site is the right place for you. Doesn’t matter if you are here for bridal shower wishes or funny wedding wishes messages, this site has them all covered exclusively for its readers.

Wedding Wishes Quotes & Wedding Congratulations Message

Looking for anniversary wedding wishes for cousin? We’ve got you all covered. Here in this post, we are going to give some of the best wedding messages, quotes, images, bride and groom marriage messages, that you can just copy-paste from and send to your loved ones to show how much you care about them. These wedding greetings can be used by anyone irrespective of gender and age to wish their aunty. You can also write these wedding wishes messages on images to create a unique DP or status image. Moreover, you can take one of these wishes and write it on a fancy card to give at the wedding. Here are some best wishes for weddings.


Wedding Wishes Messages | Wedding Wishes Quotes

Marriage Wishes

Starting with some heartfelt wedding day wishes to wish to your friends or your family who are getting married. With these messages, you can tell them how grateful you feel for their new union and their next big step in life. You can select from any of these happy wedding couple wishes or send them good night messages. Even if you are looking for happy wedding day wishes status, you can use them as they are short and sweet quotes, especially for these auspicious occasions. We have also included what to write in a wedding card as cards prove to be a great gift at weddings.

Wedding Messages To Couple | Happy Wedding Day Wishes

May your life be full of love and pleasure in the years ahead.
Wedding days pass, but your affection may blossom eternally.
Take care and congratulations on embarking on the next chapter of your life. Cheers!
May your love increase each year. A happy wedding day to both of you.
We thank you for allowing us to celebrate your wonderful day with you. Wishing you all the happiness in the world is our gift to you.
Warmest wishes on this exciting new path to self-discovery.
I am thankful that you allowed me to participate in this wonderful event. May your union be a happy one, and congratulations on your new union.
Today may be the first day of a brand-new life, one full of love and friendship.
Patience and kindness are the hallmarks of love. It has no reason to envy, no motive to brag, and has no reason to be proud. It does not bring disgrace to others, it is not for personal gain, and it is not quickly offended.
May the One who put you around each other grant you a long and happy marriage, give you much joy and increase your affection.

Wedding Congratulations Messages | Wedding Card Message

Wedding Congratulations Wishes

If you’re looking for wedding wishes for a friend or a poem or something long to write on a card, we have got you covered. We have also added some funny wedding greetings for friends because it’s not always serious and everyone likes to enjoy a good laugh at such occasions. To make these wishes quotes and messages personalized, you can write the name of your loved one at the beginning or at the end just like you do with happy birthday aunt wishes. All these messages serve the same purpose, to make your loved ones feel blessed and happy on the most important day of their lives, viz a viz congratulations wedding.

Congratulations On Your Wedding Quotes

Oh, how lovely a day it is for you and your family! Today, may the pleasure you experience remain with you for the rest of your life.
We are happy today since we have finally welcomed another person to our home. A hug and well wishes to you both.
Warmest regards to my closest buddy and new sister/brother. Congratulations on your new partnership.
Best wishes on your big day. I hope you too grow to be the best couple on this planet. Happy Wedding Day.
We’ve laughed together so much! May you and your loved ones always enjoy each other’s company!
You have shown the world how great you are with your patience and adaptability.
As you get older, let the love you have now become stronger.
Your commitment to each other is an eternal tribute to the beauty of love.
When it comes to a good marriage, the most essential four words are: “Yes darling, you’re right.”
Even if you don’t succeed the first time, try following your wife’s instructions.

Happy Wedding Wishes Messages | Wedding Words

Wedding Day Wishes

In case you want to shower your love on your newly-wed loved ones by sending some beautiful wedding day quotes messages, you can use the quotes and poems given below. Please note that the quotes, messages, and images that you’ll find on this site are exclusive to our readers so you won’t find them anywhere else. Also, if you’re confused as to what to write in a bridal shower card or happy birthday daughter messages, we have got your back there too. You can copy-paste from any of these quotes and wedding cards wishes and make room for the best well-wisher. They definitely are gonna love it from you.

Marriage Wishes To Brother/Sister

Congratulations on your marriage day. May it be the beginning of a life full of joy and excitement. Lots of hugs and kisses.
Well done to a great pair! Congratulations on having so many more wonderful years ahead of you.
Mr and Mrs [Given name], greetings! To become a member of your special occasion is really a blessing.
I wish you both great pleasure in life, and may you offer one another more joy than your relationship has given to my life.
It’s like seeing the sunrise; I’m getting to see the dawn of something special. It means a lot to me that you let me be here with you.
We are happy today since we have finally welcomed another member to our family. A hug and well wishes to you both.
Oh, how lovely a day it is for you and your family! Today, may the pleasure you experience remain with you for the rest of your life.
Seeing the two of you so happy is a real joy for us. Congratulations!
Brother, thanks for having someone who can rely on me. Love her, and be well.
To us, you’re getting married is a really happy occasion, and we wish you both the very best.

Wedding Congrats Message | congratulations wedding

Wedding Wishes Messages

It’s not just about wishes, quotes, and messages, but you can also wish your loved ones happy wedding wishes images. These wedding congratulations images that we have made for you have quotes and wishes that will make the couple’s day and they’ll wonder what have they done to have you in their life. We also have GIF images with the latest wedding quotes 2021 in them. If you like, you can take one of these images and write or type your own wedding congrats message. That way, it will feel more personal like you send birthday wishes for twins. We also have marriage wishes images for fun to make your loved ones burst out in laughter and they’ll have you to thank for.

What To Write In A Wedding Card

You now own this calendar year. Good luck in the years ahead!
When you say “Mr. and Mrs.” have exchanged “the World’s Greatest Kiss,” you are really moving! I wish you all the best.
Your relationship may be full of compassion and happiness, that is what I want for both of you.
Congratulations on your Wedding Day, and good luck with your future together! Happy Wedding Day.
Wishes to the happy couple! May your marriage be a long and joyful experience for you.
May your travels be marked by increasing love and amazement. Take care!
It is simply mind-boggling that you love each other so much. This is exciting because I’m looking forward to seeing you two keep on on this adventure together as husband and wife.
Wishing you a joyful wedding day and all the happiness in the world.
To the newlyweds! To love that endures! Success and happiness are yours now!
We will always be with you, offering you our encouragement and blessings. Congratulations.

Wedding Day Quotes | Wedding Greetings

Wedding Wishes Quotes

Looking for heartwarming wedding wishes for your brother? Or do you have to wish 1st-anniversary wedding wishes for your daughter? Here in this post, you’ll find all kinds of intimate wedding messages to couples and stuff related to quotes about strength. Through these quotes and wedding gift messages, you can show how happy you are to see their happiness and to know that they have found their love of life. We also have the best wedding wishes for sisters or other people in your family. You can also take suggestions from here on what to write on a wedding card as cards are lovely gifts undoubtedly. You can copy-paste any of these messages and send them to the happy couple.

Wedding Sayings | Wedding Congratulations Images

Today, you’re going to begin a new beginning in our family history. Looking forward to reading your tale!
I’ve never seen our family in such a joyful mood. There is much pleasure to be found in celebrating your marriage, your love, and your promise to remain together. I wish you all the best.
The day of your wedding! Pay attention to the amazement, the thrill, the pleasure, and the love you’re feeling while you celebrate.
Every day I wish you two have a loving and happy day together. To celebrate one of my all-time favorite relationships here’s to you both! Congratulations.
On this day alone, the two of you are made for each other. I really hope the two of you have a long and prosperous life together.
Warmest wishes to a wonderful couple on their wedding day. May every moment of every day be an adventure, full of love, and filled of pleasure! May you enjoy your marriage.
May all the negative forces of time not even harm your lovely married life.
This relates to your upcoming marriage. Congratulations to you for putting an end to your relationship by smashing it with a hammer of a wedding.
What does James Bond have in common with a happy husband? Neither of these people is fictitious.
The nuptials of a radiant bride and groom are impressive. May your marriage be blessed with prosperity, and may your bond deepen and expand.

Final Words

Now that you have seen so many congratulations quotes for weddings, you have the choice to use any of them to bless your loved ones who are about to get married, or who are enjoying their first anniversary together. Wishes.One have given you tons of ideas for what to write on a wedding card that you won’t find on any other site on the internet. There is plenty of wedding wishes already available on the web, but we’ll recommend these above wishes as they are very unique and creative, trust us. And we’ll keep adding more such wedding congratulations messages for our beloved readers.

These quotes, messages, poems, as well as images, are a great way of saying what a beautiful wedding wishes quotes without making a big deal. We have warm and friendly content that is not just pleasant to read but also feels great in the heart. The best wedding words that are ever spoken or written are all here in this post. Wedding card messages are a great gesture that shows how much Let us know if you are creative yourself and have made some wedding sayings quotes yourself.

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