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Nights are when we all need the most love, care and some you are strong quotes. And nights are when loneliness can creep in if your heart is feeling even a little bit down or if you didn’t have a good evening. But a beautiful good night message from a loved one can fill your heart with all the love to recharge. So it’s very thoughtful, borderline necessary, to wish your loved ones a night night wish so you know that they won’t sleep feeling alone and sad tonight. Either wish, quotes, images, or poems, you can always find something to wish the people you care about.

Good Night Messages Quotes Images

Be it your partner, parents, siblings, friends, or even co-workers, everyone needs good night wishes. It feels great to send these to have a peaceful night, and so you can wake up happy and loved. So here in this post, we will give you some of the best sweet dreams quotes to shower love on the people close to you. And not just quotes, but you can also find messages and images to send. These messages and quotes will melt your heart and your loved ones will feel absolutely grateful for your presence in their life. Also, if you like, you can write these good night love quotes on images chosen by you to create a unique DP or status image and wish all at once and say, good night love.


Romantic Good Night Messages For Girlfriend

Good Night Messages Text

We’ll start with some heart-melting goodnight messages for her. These messages are about different things that you can say to your loved ones. Not all of them are romantic, so you can also send these messages to your colleagues, friends, or sisters. But trust me, goodnight sweet dreams are not how you express your love. The purpose of these messages is to make them feel good, whoever they are. So if you are searching for some good night love messages for her, you’ll find them very useful. You can just copy-paste from any of the below-given messages. We have also included some funny good night text because it’s not always about serious or emotional wishes. Sometimes all you need to do to cheer someone up is make them laugh.

Good Night Messages For Her/Girlfriend

Sleep well, my beautiful wife. Wishing you a wonderful day, and that you wake tomorrow feeling good. I love you to the moon and back.
I want everybody to hear this in advance before you shut your eyes. That I love you so much and I wish you a very good night.
Wishing I can be beside you right now isn’t going to happen, but if that’s the best I can do, I’ll see you in my dream world. Sweet dreams, my sweetheart.
When asked whether there is an ideal existence, many replies that “they” have no clue. They don’t know what it feels like to have you by my side.
I can do anything to make you smile. Before you sleep, just remember that I am there for you and I will always stay by your side. Love you.
I pray that the angels watch over my queen while she dozes off. Sweet dreams, my love.
You are my universe, darling. A good night, my dear. Dreams of sugar.
You always come to mind when I am about to sleep, and I’m extremely fortunate to have you in my life. Good night, sweetheart.
There is no limit to my love for you; it has no boundaries. I’m thankful that you’re here. Sleep well, my sweetheart.
Even when it’s the darkest night, my moon of life will still have a million bright stars beaming upon it. Sweet dreams, my sweetheart!

Sweet Good Night Messages For Him

Good Night Messages For Him

Even boys need emotional heartfelt good night messages for him. They are in fact, more emotional than they let on freaky love quotes for her. So here we have some goodnight love messages for him, but not all of these are romantic so you can send them to any man you care about deeply, be it your co-worker, friend, brother, father, or even your ex for that matter. Just tell them goodnight sleep tight. Even if are looking for a good night status for him, you can select any of these messages and just copy-paste on your status, or paste on an image of your choice. These sweet good night messages for boyfriend will definitely warm the hearts of your loved ones.

Hot Good Night Messages For Boyfriend

While my soul wants you, I need you to sleep early tonight so that we could connect in our thoughts. I adore you, nice dreams.
I’m so enamored with you that I can no longer tell the difference between night and day. Sweet dreams, my dear.
As long as you keep coming back to me in my dreams, I don’t fear shutting off my lights. Sweet dreams, my darling.
Sweet dreams, my sweetheart! In my fantasies, I would want to be with you, too. So you paint them for me!
Since you’re the one for me, I think about you all day and every night. I adore you more than anything! Sweet dreams!
Good night, my dearest one, and lovely dreams to you tonight. We wish you joy and many lovely outcomes in your dreams!
Good night, dreamer. You are a queen, and thus you deserve the finest night imaginable.
It is obvious that the moon and stars rise each night thanks to you. Have a good restful sleep!
You are the only one who can motivate me to become my very best. Have a good night.
After a long day of work, all you need is a good night’s sleep. Good night, and sleep peacefully. Nighty-night!

Latest Good Night Messages In English

Good Night Messages For Her

If you are looking for some good night blessings, then here you will find plenty to choose from. In fact, you can send a different one daily from here. Here are some beautiful good night quotes for her that will melt her heart like a candle along with some son and dad quotes. The ultimate goal of these good nights my love quotes is to make her feel at peace and get her a peaceful positive sleep so that she wakes up feeling happy and comforted. If you want a good night long message for her like a poem or something, you’ll find it here. Also, we have good night quotes for him, because you know, equality, and to all a good night. We also have funny good night messages for WhatsApp to entertain your friends and family.

Heart Touching Good Night Messages For Friends

Dedication, transparency, and effort are essential for good partnerships. Share your affection and dreams with the one you love. Good night my dear love.
To have good dreams, you should sleep right next to someone you love. You’ll never be able to have your dreams if you’re fully awake! Get some rest and close your eyes. Sweet dreams, my darling.
That’s all I wanted to say, dear prince. I hope flights of angels serenade you to your rest. My darling, sleep well.
I was really pleased today because you are wonderful, and I’m grateful to you, and I want to tell you that I appreciate you tomorrow. Sweet dreams, my love.
My busy day is over. Understand that I was dreaming of you and right now, I will be imagining you in my arms. Goodnight, I love you.
Be well rested because my compassion is the wings that will keep you covered, and my embrace and kiss are the heat that may provide you with pleasure. Sweet dreams, gorgeous.
Good night and sweet dreams. My goal is that I will fall asleep and then be able to whisper these words into your ear. Sweet dreams, I adore you.
I can’t fall asleep while I’m thinking about you, therefore I don’t dream about you. Good night, my darling. Dream of me as I go to sleep.
All I want to see is your grin at the end of the day, and that is all I need. Here’s hoping your night is pleasant! I adore you, sweetheart.
When I wake up, I think about you, and when I fall asleep, I’m still thinking of you. I’m always thinking about you. I wish you a wonderful night.

Funny Good Night Messages Images | Good Night Picture Messages

Good Night Messages For Girlfriend

In case you are looking for good night messages for friends with pictures, then you’ve come to the right place fella. Messages, quotes, poems, all are at one place, but good night images speak much more about the bond that you share with your loved ones. We have some latest good night messages with images that you can just by using one of these happy birthday aunty wishes. All of these good night picture messages are unique and exclusively for our readers, so you won’t find them anywhere else. Who doesn’t like to have a good night cute messages inside a beautiful picture. We also have good night memes for fun and to make your loved ones give a final laugh before the day ends.

Good Night Romantic Messages

Dreams are quite as beautiful and delicate as a kiss. Until we meet again, Princess. Good Night.
I have strong feelings for you, and I adore you as if you were flowers, like rain, and like strolling down memory lane. Sweet dreams, my sweetheart.
Fill your mind with memories of how deeply I love you, and your pillow will be comfortable, your blankets will be warm, and you will sleep well. Sweet dreams, my sweetheart.
May the velvety blackness envelop you as you go off to sleep, providing comfort as you fall asleep.
It would be nice to get up while you’re in my dream. Until we meet again, sweet dreams!
In the words of Victorian poet Christina Rossetti, sleep is a “sweet surrender, a replenishing of the spirit, a present of the nighttime.” Enjoy.
I would hug you, drink in your majesty, and wrap you with lovely love if I could be with you tonight.
Your own lullaby is being played by the stars in the night sky. I adore you, sweetheart.
Lose yourself in your own imagination to put yourself in a better place. Wrap your arms around my love and extend it above the sky.
I wish your dreams are as bright as the sun and as calm as the moon. Good night love.

Good Night Love Message | Good Night Text Messages

Looking for hot good night messages for your girlfriend? Or just some cheesy romantic good night messages for my love? We have it all here. You can show how much you love your wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend by sending them these beautiful messages. At the end of the day, when you want to show your love to your partner, sending just good night beautiful or sweet dreams my love is not enough a lot of cliche. What you need is a goodnight or good night message that will rattle your partner’s heart and he/she will think about how they are to have met you. You can copy-paste any of these messages along with happy birthday daughter wishes and send it your love.

Good Night Funny Messages

Till the sun rises, I could speak with you all night long! I am really grateful to have a wonderful buddy like you. Good Night!
I hope you have a great night and sleep well so you may dream of beautiful things, only to awaken and discover that your dreams are really true. Have a wonderful night.
I can be certain my best buddy won’t have a restless night. I will battle any nightmare so you may have a peaceful night’s rest. Missing you is killing me. Goodnight!
During a conversation, they remarked that nightfall is a precursor to morning. Don’t lose faith in life. Sweet dreams and good night, and have a wonderful day tomorrow!
By reflecting in the absolute darkness, the moon was able to symbolize one important concept — that tomorrow will happen and maybe a good day for you. Sweet dreams, my darling.
End your day on a good note no matter how terrible things have been. A restful night’s sleep to you, sleep well, and sleep tight.
Whenever the day becomes dark, I am eager to snuggle up with you and to feel your body against mine. Sleep tight, everyone.
I promise you this night will be the finest you will ever experience. I adore you in a way I’ve never felt before.
Thank you, my friend, for your support through good and bad times. Yes, our friendship is unique. Sweet dreams, my buddy.
I must give praise to the Lord for giving me such a valuable buddy. My dear buddy, you are like a member of my family. Good Night.

Final Words

Now you know the secret to have a great night. These good night messages, quotes, and images are specially made for people you care about to make them feel comforted. Although you’ll find a lot of sites that will give you some good night sleep well kind of messages, Wishes.One has some creative ones that you won’t find anywhere. While sharing them, don’t forget to tell the person that you found them on this website.

These messages are a great way of saying good night I love you and showing what they mean to you. We have good night love messages for him as well as her, of every kind, romantic or funny, you name it. And we’ll keep adding more such good night messages for someone special for our beloved readers. Let us know if you are creative yourself and have made some goodnight messages yourself. So alright, good night or morning or good afternoon to you. (it’s night for me).

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