Short Love Poems For Her/Him | Short Poems About Love

Sweetest short love poems are one of the best things you can send to someone to show your love. Although there are many famous love poems available on the internet, but no one likes reading long poems. We’ve seen a lot of females out there looking for short love poems for boyfriend and males looking for deep short love poems. Well, if you are among them, you have landed on the correct page. Since we have already posted about Im Sorry Quotes which you can use to say sorry to anyone you love. The best thing here is that not everything here is emotional like sad short love poems but we do have funny short love poems too.

Short Love Poems For Her Him

Here on this page, you will find some of the best sweet love poems which you can send to your loved ones. Remember that the poems mentioned on this page are strictly for those who are looking for love short poems. If you don’t know how to write a love poem yourself, you can take inspiration from this page and create your own love poem. We have made these short romantic poems specially for our readers, so you will not find them anywhere else on the internet. You are free to use these short classic love poems anywhere you want but if you are sharing, consider mentioning our site name.


Short Love Poems For Her | Poems About Love For Girlfriend

The first on our list is sweet poems for your girl friend. You can send these love poems for girlfriend on any occasion you want. If it’s her birthday, you can write one sweet poem for girlfriend from this page on a card and give it to her. Also, you can send these poems as a good morning message to her to make her feel special. The main motive should always be lighting her mood up and making her smile. Not only messages, and cards, but you can also post these short love poems on her social media networks. Well, go through this article till the end and select the best sweetest poem for your girlfriend to brighten up her day.

Sweet Poems of Love

Sweet Poem For Your Girlfriend | Sweet Poems For Your GF

Whose love is that? I think I know. Its owner is quite happy though. Full of joy like a vivid rainbow, I watch her laugh. I cry hello.
Daisies are pretty,
Daffies have style,
The moonlight is illuminating,
And so is your smile.
I never knew about happiness;
I didn’t think dreams came true;
I couldn’t really believe in love,
Until I finally met you.
Each thought of you fills me with sweet emotion;
I give to you my deepest devotion.
My fondest wishes you completely fulfill;
I love you totally, and I always will.
When I’m down, you lift me up.
When I’m hurting, you make me well.
Your love is over the top,
and I’m forever under your spell.

Romantic Love Poems For Husband | Sweet Poems Of Love For Wife

Of course, you can use some good morning poems for her to start her day with something beautiful, though using a love poem for wife mentioned below is the best thing you can do. We came across some short Spanish love poems on the internet and thought to provide them in English so everyone can use them and send them to their loved ones. If you are looking for some short love poems for husband or happy good afternoon quotes then you can consider using the poems mentioned below. Although these short sweet love poems are made for husband and wife but you can also send them to your loved ones like girlfriend or boyfriend by customizing them a little bit.

Sweet Poems For Your Girlfriend

Short Love Poems For Wife | Romantic Poems For Him

Love creates another love
Hate creates another hate,
Love me as you love yourself
And treat me as treat yourself.
If tomorrow my life were finished,
With many fun things left to do,
It wouldn’t matter at all,
Because, my love, I had you.
I know I have an angel. She was sent from heaven above To protect me every day And give me lots of love. She’s there when I’m lonely. She sits by me when I cry. She encourages me when I’m down And makes me want to try.
For though I hope she loves me For she has kissed my mouth Thought I am like a stricken bird who cannot reach the south. Tonight I know she loves me And my heart is very glad for her kiss was just as wonderful As all the dreams I’ve had.
If ever we shall perish and become but specks of dust, I hope the wind carries us away to that place you’ve always loved.

I Love You Poems For Him | Best Love Poems For Boyfriend

Most of the poems rhyme, but there are some which don’t. If you are someone who likes poems that rhyme, then we have got some short love poems that rhyme below. These famous short love poems are good for novice poem lovers who don’t know much about the poems but still want to send one to their loved ones. If your boyfriend is far away from you, then you can send these long distance short love poems to him or freaky love quotes to let him know you love him and you care for him. Remember that use these short love poems only when you are sending these short love poems for him from the heart.

Short Love Poems For Her

Love Poem For Him | Poems For Your Boyfriend

Please tell me you love me,
Please let me know that it’s true,
That all of my lifetime,
I will be here with you.
I miss you and love you,
Let’s never be apart,
Though you don’t yet know me,
It’s time for the romance to start.
The ticking clock that you heard at night
Is my heartbeat that coming,
It likes the rain that fell so tight
Which brings some blessing.
It is hard to describe the feeling of love
The feeling of your heart skipping a beat
Or of flying like that of a dove
These are the feelings I have when we meet.
If you look at the morning sky
They say that you miss me
If you look at the night sky
The star will say the same.

Famous Short Love Poems | Short Romantic Poems

Many websites and poets on the internet have shared sad short love poems. A simple search on the internet will get you a list of hundreds of such poems. Although, not every poem will deliver your true message to the person you are sending it to. So, we come up with some unique poems about love for her which will definitely melt her heart. These poems are not made for a special occasion, so even if you are looking for some short goodnight love poems to send to your love, you can use them. The best thing about these poems is that you can also combine one or more short love poems to create your own I love you poems for her.

Poems About Love

Short Poems About Love | Long Distance Cute Love Poems

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Let me kiss you.
I loved you then,
And I love you still;
I adore you now,
And I always will.
Why is it that my heart still skips a beat,
every time I feel your touch?
How is it that someone so wonderful,
let’s me love them oh so very much?
She had the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen
And it took only her laugh to realize
that beauty was the least of her.
She walks in Beauty, like the night
Of Cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that’s best of dark and bright
meet in her aspect and her eyes.

I Love You Poems For Him | Meaningful Love Poems

We have created these short poems about love for people who are seriously in love with each other. So if you are looking for deep meaningful love poems for him then you can use the poems mentioned below. Since we have already mentioned romantic love poems for her, and sorry quotes for her above, we thought it will be good to have some poems for males as well. If you want, then you can use them as romantic poems for her too as these are not gender-specific love poems. If you are thinking of sending some poems to make her feel special, you are free to use these poems. You can also put these short love poems on your WhatsApp, Facebook status too.

Love Poems For Him

Poems About Beauty | Best Short Love Poems

If I were a bird,
a robin or a jay,
I’d fly to your house,
and serenade you all day.
They say, roses are red
And, violets are blue
But I say to you my dear
I will always be true.
If I could have all the time in the world,
I know what I would do:
I’d spend the time
In pleasure sublime,
Just by being with you.
As she stares down upon the lake
her eyes fill with tears
wondering how long she can wait
the breeze blows ever so lightly
and warms her of his touch
and how she loves him oh so much.
You complete me my love
My beautiful girl
I have to be near you
You are my whole world.

Final Words

So, these were some of the best short time love poems and we hope you have found some good poems to make her melt on this page. Though there are countless short love poems available on the internet, we have created these poems about love specially for our readers and we assure you that you won’t find these anywhere else.

We will keep this post updated with some more love poems for her from the heart, so keep visiting Wishes.One to know about them. If you are a writer yourself, or you have found some good very short love poems that you think can be included in this post, feel free to comment download below with your own short love poems.

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