25+ Blessing Birthday Wishes For Son | Happy Birthday Wishes

Birthday wish for son is very less searched by parents because we generally don’t send heart touching birthday quotes for son on his birthday. Although people look for happy birthday daughter quotes for her birthday. Well, it’s high time we start sending a birthday message to son on his birthday. You can either write something from your heart and send it to your son or get a little help from us. It doesn’t matter if you want to wish him on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc., or send him a son birthday card. Writing some good blessing birthday wishes for son on it will make your wishes more meaningful.

Blessing Birthday Wishes For Son

Here in this post, we are going to tell you about some of the best birthday wishes for son that you can send to him on his birthday. Well, there are plenty of them available out there but there’s no meaning in sending something which is available everywhere. That is why we have created these special happy birthday wishes for son for our readers. We assure you that you can’t find these birthday wishes for son anywhere else on the internet. If you want, then you can also combine two or more of these heartfelt birthday wishes for son from mom and dad and create your own son birthday wishes to wish him a happy birthday.


Blessing Birthday Wishes For Son | Son Birthday Quotes

Birthday Wishes For A Son

So, first on our list are happy birthday son wishes made specially to bless him on his birthday. Every parent wishes the best for their children and the same goes for their son. Why not send him some good blessing messages on his birthday to make him feel even more special just like happy birthday dad wishes. You can bring out your true feelings and write them to create a meaningful and creative message for his birthday. We have created these blessing birthday wishes for son which you can use if you can’t create something on your own. If you are looking for some happy birthday to my son quotes then you can use these wishes to wish him.

Birthday Wishes For A Son

You are my little angel my son. A very happy birthday to you.
I've seen you grow from a little baby to a big boy. Happy Birthday, son.
I and your father wish you all the very best for the upcoming years of your life. Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday to the most cheerful and amazing person in our family, YOU, my son.
You always make us proud with everything you do. Happy Birthday, son.

Heart Touching Birthday Quotes For Son | Happy Birthday Son Quotes

Birthday Wishes To Son

We know both father and mother have different opinions about their children and they wish differently for their son as well. While mothers have a more loveable and emotional attachment to their son, fathers are more practical. No matter how your relationship is with your son, you can always send these happy birthday quotes for son to wish him on his birthday. If you are looking for some birthday wishes for my son then you will find these messages useful like birthday wishes for best friend. Even if you are looking for happy birthday wishes for son for WhatsApp status, you can use the quotes mentioned below to put them on social media sites.

Happy Birthday Son From Mom And Dad

Endless possibilities are waiting for you in the coming years. Give your best.
Let us know what you wish for on your birthday and your parents will fulfill it. God bless you.
May God bless you on this special day and you keep achieving more in your life.
Although we are not close to you on your birthday, our best wishes are always with you.
You are the best son in the world and we love you a lot. Happy Birthday, baby.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Son From Mom And Dad | Birthday Wishes To Son

Happy Birthday Son From Mom And Dad

There must not be a limit of words when you are expressing your feelings using birthday wishes for brother. The same goes for birthdays and when it’s your son’s birthday you must send some emotional son birthday quotes from mom and dad that are mentioned below. We have also included some funny birthday wishes for son to cheer up the mood of everyone, including your son. It is not always about being emotional on birthdays, so apart from using and sending the cute birthday wishes for son from dad mentioned on this page, do send some funny wishes too. Remember that it is more about making him happy than emotional on his birthday.

Birthday Wishes For Son In Law

Sending you a lot of love on your birthday. Happy Birthday, son.
Cut your cake and have a drink today. It's your birthday.
We can't keep ourselves calm because it's your birthday and we are coming over to see you.
It's been a year since we met, and because it's your birthday let's have a party.
You are all grown up now, so we will let you decide what you want to do on your birthday. Good day ahead.

Birthday Message To Son | Happy Birthday My Son

Birthday Message To Son

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for 1st birthday wishes for son or birthday wishes for son 25 years because we have them all like birthday wishes for lover. The birthday wishes for son we have created and shared in this post are not for sons of a specific age and you can send them to your son irrespective of his age. You can either say these messages for your son’s birthday by your mouth if you have a birthday party at home, or write them on cards, text messages, or on a gift if you want to wish him privately. So, don’t worry about anything just use these birthday wishes for son and wish him without looking anywhere else.

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes For Son From Mother

It's your birthday today but we already got drunk last night for it. LOL.
Let's drink to an extent, we forget it's your birthday today. Hahaha.
We hope you are not going out with your friends on your birthday, because we are coming with you.
Well, your father has prepared your birthday cake. Good luck with that.
Your birthday is not just an occasion for us to celebrate but to get drunk as well.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Son | Birthday Wish For Son

Birthday Wish For Son

Last but not least are some more birthday wishes for son quotes which you can write on happy birthday son cards like birthday wishes for twins. Although every birthday card comes with some wishes, messages, or quotes printed on it related to the person you are giving it to, writing something on your own will have a positive impact on your son. It makes the person feel special and since it is your son’s birthday why not write some blessing birthday wishes for son on it and make his birthday more enjoyable. You can also send these wishes digitally on social networks but we have created them specially for birthday cards.

Birthday Wishes For Son From Father

You can wear my shoes now, so you are not my son. You are my brother now.
A mature son is nothing more than a blessing to the parents and we are blessed to have such a son.
You seem like a miracle to us. I and your father love you a lot.
Happy birthday to the most amazing person we know on the whole earth.
We wish the very best to you on your birthday and will come soon to see you.

Final Words

So, these were some of the best happy birthday son quotes that you can send to your son on his birthday. We have included both happy birthday wishes for son from mom and dad in this post, so you don’t have to find specific birthday wishes from you. Also, instead of writing any wish or quote, you can send happy birthday son images to him.

We will keep adding more quotes, messages, and wishes to this post so you can send new birthday wishes to son, so keep visiting Wishes.One to know about them. If you know about good birthday wishes for son from father or mother, let do let us know about them too so we can add them to this list of happy birthday wishes for son.

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