21st Birthday Captions For Yourself | 21 Birthday Captions

21st birthday post captions are looked at by people from all over the world like birthday wishes for son because turning 21 is a big thing for teenagers. Along with many responsibilities, you get a lot of freedom when you turn 21. If you are turning 21, then you must be looking for some 21st birthday captions for myself and we know that. Not only for yourself, but you can also post happy 21st birthday captions on other’s posts and use these captions to wish the person a very happy birthday. Well, the best thing about birthday captions is that you can actually find and use 21st birthday cake captions to write them on the cake.

21st Birthday Captions

Here in this post, we have posted some of the best 21st birthday picture captions which you can use right now. There are plenty of witty 21st birthday captions available out there on the internet but we have created all these specially for our readers. If it is your friend’s birthday then you can post some 21st birthday captions funny on their profile while wishing them for their birthday. Along with funny 21st birthday captions for guys you can also find some emotional and good ones that can be used by anyone. From birthday captions for brother/sister to best friend and girlfriend, we have them all in this post.


21st Birthday Captions For Yourself | 21 Birthday Captions

21 Birthday Captions

If you’re searching for 21st birthday captions for yourself then you’re at the right place, here we have created a list of captions that are perfect for you and your sister. Just read and select the best one like birthday wishes for dad available among these 21 birthday captions. This list also includes funny 21st birthday captions for sister. So you can add them with your pictures on social media or write them on a card together with a gift that you’re preparing for your loving sister. You can combine two or more captions to make it more relatable for you. Read the list below.

Funny 21st Birthday Captions For Sister

21st birthday is like cheery on the top of a cake. Happy Birthday to me.
Finally, I am at the legal age for drinking. I am getting drunk today.
I'll wine today because I turned 21. Cannot be happier than I am today.
When no one wishes you on your birthday, you do it yourself. Happy Birthday Me.
It's my 21 today. More cheers and beers for everyone coming to my house.

Funny 21st Birthday Captions | 21st Birthday Quotes For Instagram

21st Birthday Quotes For Instagram

It is difficult sometimes to think of a caption for your social media by yourself so we prepared all the relatable captions possible like 21st birthday quotes for Instagram, 21st birthday captions for brother. You can edit them a little like birthday wishes for best friend to add life or make them more relatable. Write these amazing quotes on gifts or greeting cards or just text them to your loved ones. You will also find funny 21st birthday captions to add and explain your amazing photos of 21st birthday celebrations. Cut, copy, and paste to your social media accounts. Let your social media fam learn about your celebration as well.

21st Birthday Captions For Brother

Turning 21 is like an achievement unlocked.
Chapter 21 is starting today in my life.
Your 21 is not only for your celebration. It's for everyone around.
Cake and Bake are for old. Cheer and Beer are for people turning 21.
Well, you are 21 today and now, start showing your ID card to everyone.

21st Birthday Instagram Captions | Captions For Turning 21

21st Birthday Instagram Captions

Congrats, your daughter is turning 21. In this list, you will see 21st birthday captions for daughter as well. These captions will give words to your feelings and convey your beautiful message to her like birthday wishes for daughter. Just add any of these 21st birthday Instagram captions and upload them with a few pictures to make your daughter feel special on her day. These captions for turning 21 are funny, emotional, and savage as well. Everyone will like it, probably copy it. Write these captions on your small or big present in order to add moons to your beautiful gift or simply text it.

21st Birthday Captions For Daughter

Happy Birthday to my best friend. Turning 21 is definitely an amazing feeling.
I may be 21 years older today, but I am still 7 years old by heart.
Happy 21st birthday to the most amazing person I know.
It may be your birthday today, but I am happy for you. Let's celebrate.
Come to your home today with lots of beer and wine. Happy 21st my friend.

21st Birthday Captions For Girl | 21st Birthday Captions For Best Friend

21st Birthday Captions For Best Friend

If it’s the birthday of your best friend then check these 21st birthday captions for best friend. Those animals deserve some extra effort so we prepared captions accordingly. 21st birthday captions for girl and good 21st birthday captions for son are also added to this list. Add these beautiful, and savage captions with photos on social media, or consider them for adding on greetings both handmade or readymade, you can also write it on gifts like polaroids. Your loved ones will definitely love these special efforts from your side. Just select the best for you like birthday wishes for twins or combine some captions to personalize it.

Good 21st Birthday Captions For Son

Twinkle twinkle little star, take me to the nearest bar.
I am 21 and started turning hotter than ever. Hahaha.
We wished for a cute child. 21 years later, here you are. Happy Birthday.
You might be a year older today, but I think you are aging backward.
Another birthday, another selfie.
We partied like it was your 21st birthday. Wait, it is.

21st Birthday Captions With Friends | 21st Birthday Captions For Boyfriend

21st Birthday Captions With Friends

Enjoyed a lot on your birthday celebration? Great, now it’s time to share those memories with others on social media and add these captions related to 21st birthday captions with friends. Also if you need something for your rocking selfies then check unique 21st birthday captions for Instagram selfies. For those sweet relationships, we added 21st birthday captions for boyfriend as well like birthday wishes for aunt. Make something either handmade or digital, ready-made, or just simple text or video. Add love to your words and express your feelings in a better way with these beautiful and lovely captions.

Unique 21st Birthday Captions For Instagram Selfies

Feeling unstoppable at 21 with this crew by my side.
Cheers to all the people who made my day special.
You truly are an amazing person. Congratulations on your 21st birthday.
A year has passed since your 20th birthday and I can't believe you are still the same
We believe in you and hope you have more amazing birthdays.

Final Words

So, these were some of the best 21st birthday Instagram captions for boyfriend which you can use to wish your boyfriend. These are perfect 21st birthday captions Instagram if you are thinking of posting some images and videos on Instagram wishing the person, so don’t wait more and use them without any worries.

We will keep adding more 21st birthday captions for friends in this post, so keep visiting Wishes.One to know about them. If you know about some more 21st birthday captions for girlfriend or already posted some best 21st birthday captions anywhere, then do let us know about them so we can include them in this post.

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